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Original Series:

libby host

Healthy Living with Libby, hosted by Libby Hobday, is an original BabyChatTV series. Shot on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York, Libby shares with viewers her expert opinions and advice on healthy living options. She’ll discuss topics like healthy vegetarian recipes your children will love, organic products from toothpaste to baby diapers, how to bring organic products into your lifestyle, and more.


Libby Hobday is a stylish hippie Mum to toddler Miles Storm, and blogger at her own site WillyBMum. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Willy B) in New York City, and upstate NY in the Hudson Valley, she lives a lifestyle focused on health and  fitness, our environment, vegan organic foods, spiritual vibes & natural parenting. In Australia, Libby was a former model and Miss Australasia, having appeared in such magazines as Vogue. She is currently in the process of launching a vegan, cruelty-free organic apothecary line. Most products are handcrafted and will include soaps, deodorants, skin creams, facial steams and lip stains. Libby is the host of “Healthy Living with Libby” on the BabyChatTV network.



sherrica host In the Kitchen with Sherrica, hosted by Sherrica Sims, is a BabyChatTV original series. This modern Mom gained an extra level of healthy eating awareness when she discovered her little girl had a nut allergy. She shares tips on healthy eating, especially for those with allergies and gluten sensitivities, with her unique brand of Southern charm.


Sherrica Sims is a Mommy to little ones Miles, age 5, and Tiffany, age 3. She lives in Greenville, SC, with her husband Stanley. She is a fashion blogger, and showcases thrift store fashions, providing inspiration and style tips on her Facebook page, Thrift Chic (also on Instagram at @thrift_chic). She is also a local contributor to KiddingAroundGreenville.com. She has a popular Youtube Chanel, and is the host of “In the Kitchen with Sherrica” on the BabyChatTV network.




farrieb family square

Get Fit withFarredeh, hosted by Farredeh Baughcum, is a BabyChatTV original series. This super fit Mom and fitness instructor is your guide to an active and healthy lifestyle. Tune in to these webisodes for fitness moves to stay strong, motivated and  inspired for tough days, healthy recipes for the whole family, and superfood tips to keep your energy up while on-the-go.


Farredeh Baughcum is a Mommy to daughter Brinley, age 9, and Braylon, age 8. She lives with her husband, Alan in Monroe, GA. She is a group fitness instructor at Bodyplex Gym in Grayson, GA, creator and co-owner of KillerFit Apparel, and part-time model. She was on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine in June 2010, and part of their featured article, “Weight Loss Changed My Life!” She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and is the host of Get Fit with Farredeh on the BabyChatTV Network.




Amy host At Home with Amy, hosted by Amy Christman, is a BabyChatTV original series. As a modern-day domestic goddess full of tips and advice, Amy’s down-to-earth approach is engaging and informative – whether she is discussing travel tips, demonstrating crafts with her little one, taking viewers along to a dentist visit or first haircut, or trying new yummy recipes and iPad apps for Moms.


Amy Christman is a Mommy to Mac, age5, and Landry, age 1. She currently lives in Marietta, GA,with her husband , Chad, but growing up she spent time in Utah, Louisanna, Wyoming, and Texas. She the CEO and CFO of the Christman Clan, and also a part-time model and actress. In her career, she has worked with special needs children with severe emotional behavioral disorders and in child protective services. “It really taught me how to be compassionate and less judgmental, plus all that training and experience really helped prepare me for parenthood,” she says. She has also enjoys many decorating and renovation projects – she and her husband have gutted every house they have ever lived in, and believe in the motto “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Amy believes that all of these experiences together have shown her how to find the beauty and joy in everyday things, and that is a message and a passion she hopes to share with everyone, as the host of “At Home with Amy” on the BabyChatTV network.



andrea crop Product Reviews with Andrea, hosted by Andrea Reid, is a BabyChatTV original series. NYC Mom-turned-suburbanite provides information on products for babies and toddlers. The first set of episodes is specifically related to babies, and covers diapers, sippy cups, organic food choices, best toys, and baby carriers. Andrea discusses best-sellers, popular favorites, and intriguing new items, drawing from her experiences with her two little ones.


Andrea Reid is a Mommy to her adorable Asher, age 2, and newborn daughter Morgan. She lives in New Canaan, CT, with her husband, Dustin. Although she now resides on the East Coast, her heart belongs to the Midwest. She spent many years living in Chicago after growing up in Spring Lake, Michigan, where “Nature Smiles for Seven Miles” (the actual town slogan!). She describes Asher as “a spunky 2-year-old who loves serenading us with renditions of Old MacDonald and Twist & Shout while ‘playing’ his guitar.” Now a second-time Mom with a baby and a toddler, she is continuing to learn and looks forward to sharing her experiences with viewers, as the host of “Product Reviews with Andrea” on the BabyChatTV network.




maria host

Style & Beauty with Maria José is a BabyChatTV original series. As a popular beauty and Mommy blogger, Maria José brings you her knowledge and passion for fashion and beauty, which she manages to fit into her “Very Busy Mamá” lifestyle. Her unique personal style and love of living beautifully will inspire you to express yourself.


Maria José Ovalle is a Mommy to her son Matías, age 5, and daughter Lucia, age 20 months. She lives just outside of Washington DC, in Alexandria, VA with her husband Bryan Church. She grew up in Chile and the US. She is a bilingual media strategist, freelance writer, blogger at her own site VeryBusyMamá, and local spokesperson. She is the host of Style & Beauty with Maria Jose on the BabyChatTV network.